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NDOT Planning and Environmental Linkages Study. Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. A logo with the i-11 symbol.

I-11 for Las Vegas

Study Limits Area

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The I-11 Las Vegas Metropolitan Area Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study began in 2019. An Alternatives Development Report (ADR), completed in June 2021, concluded that a western and a central corridor alternative for I-11 were to be advanced for further study. An analysis of the corridor alternatives is presented in the final PEL study report is now available for the public to read and is located on the resources page.

  1. Western Corridor Alternatives
    Option 1: Centennial Bowl Option; Follows existing I-215, CC 215, and US 95 and proposes no major infrastructure changes

    Option 2: Approximately five miles of new freeway on a new alignment will be required built to AASHTO standards. Any freeway alignment in this area will require the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement or Environmental Assessment prior to construction.
  2. Central Corridor Alternative: Follows existing I-515 and US 95 and proposes no major infrastructure changes
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